Why Westcoast?
Special pricing
Access discounts that are higher than standard on highly competitive opportunities. This benefit is typically used on large deals and may have value restrictions.
Deal protection
HPE Deal Registration protects your pre-sales investment.
Partner incentives
HPE offers the industry’s most comprehensive incentive program, which rewards partners for sales and learning.
Partner compensation
A simplified rebate model offers higher pay-outs and more growth opportunities.
HPE Financial Services
Helps your customers fund their transformation and rethink the IT investment strategies, while allowing you to expand your sales opportunities to include more service-led solutions and earn additional margin.
Pointnext Services
Offers installation, carepacks, support contracts, advisory and professional services which will allow partners to be more.
For more information on partnership contact
Dave Dunne
General Manager Westcoast Ireland
Thomas Maher
Senior Sales Executive Westcoast Ireland